Boughton Malherbe Hoard

Image: Socketed axes from the Boughton Malherbe hoard conserved by Dana Goodburn-Brown. Image © Sophia Adams.

A Late Bronze Age hoard of bronze objects and copper ingots found in Kent, southeast England. 64kg of metal buried as complete and broken objects and fragments between about 850 and 750 BC. Details of the hoard contents are published here:

See also Portable Antiquities Scheme record KENT-15A293

The hoard contains many tools which once had wooden handles but only the metal parts were included in the hoard. The majority of the tools are for woodworking: axes, gouges, a chisel and an adze. Here Damian Goodburn talks about the types of tree species present in the Bronze Age in southeastern England:

The Boughton Malherbe Hoard is currently being conserved by Dana Goodburn-Brown Conservation (January 2021).