Boughton Malherbe Experiments Video / presentation

Captivating Ingots

Lunatraktors have created this evocative and atmospheric musical video inspired by an ingot and a mine.

Featuring a complete bun-shaped copper ingot from the Boughton Malherbe hoard; music and voice recorded in the Great Orme Mine and sounds from our bronze casting workshop with Neil Burridge and Dana Goodburn-Brown.

Boughton Malherbe Video / presentation

Lunatraktors The Hoard transmission C: The Plaque

Inspired by the conserved, concentric ring-decorated plaque in the Boughton Malherbe Late Bronze Age hoard from Maidstone Museum, Kent, UK.

Havering Hoard Video / presentation

‘The Havering hoard: a late Bronze Age find. Baffling experts or bolstering opinions?’

Recording now available of my talk on the Havering Hoard for the Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies, sponsored by The Prehistoric Society

Boughton Malherbe Live Talk Video / presentation

Making and Waking a Bronze Age Hoard | Maidstone Museum

We’re back and ready to share some fabulous images of beautifully conserved finds from the Boughton Malherbe hoard, and some surprises too. Check out our first creative transmission by Lunatraktors (above) and attend our live online talk for Maidstone Museum Lates Thursday 27th May 6:30pm:-

“Following on from the brilliant talk ‘Past, Present & Future of a Bronze Age Hoard’, presented by Sophia Adams in January, join us for an update on the conservation and research of the Boughton Malherbe hoard. What goes into a hoard and what evidence do we have for making? Packed with new information about one of the largest hoards ever found in Britain, this talk promises to deliver fresh insights!  Hear how the project is bringing the hoard to life through conservation, research and art.

Sophia will answer your questions after her talk.

Voluntary donations are very welcome and will help the museum to continue to hold informative and engaging events such as this.”

Source: Making and Waking a Bronze Age Hoard | Maidstone Museum

Boughton Malherbe Conservation Video / presentation

Past, Present and Future of the Boughton Malherbe hoard

Now available online: recording of Sophia Adams’ talk on the Boughton Malherbe hoard. Hosted by Maidstone Museum on 28th January 2021.

This presentation gives the background of the hoard discovery, it’s contents and local context; followed by details of the current conservation work & new research.