Boughton Malherbe Conservation Video / presentation

Past, Present and Future of the Boughton Malherbe hoard

Now available online: recording of Sophia Adams’ talk on the Boughton Malherbe hoard. Hosted by Maidstone Museum on 28th January 2021.

This presentation gives the background of the hoard discovery, it’s contents and local context; followed by details of the current conservation work & new research.

Boughton Malherbe Conservation

Festive Wishes

Christmas: ghosts, past & present*

Wishing you a bright & shiny future in 2021

A) x-rays of axes from the Boughton Malherbe hoard 

B) the axes pre-conservation

C) the conserved axes

Image © Sophia Adams.

with thanks to 

  • The William and Edith Oldham Trust
  • Maidstone Museum
  • Dana Goodburn-Brown & Marie Le Saux (Conservation)
  • James Elliot, Diagnostic Radiography, Canterbury Christ Church University (X-rays)
  • *Charles Dickens (The Christmas Carol)!
Boughton Malherbe Conservation Live Talk

Past, Present & Future of a Bronze Age hoard

Free online talk 28th January 6:30pm UK – Hosted by Maidstone Museum


Past, Present and Future of a Bronze Age hoard: 
conservation and research in action
An illustrated, online talk by Sophia Adams about the massive Late Bronze Age hoard from Boughton Malherbe; an international story in a local setting. Sophia will describe the history of this 64kg of metal objects; the present day work on cleaning and researching the objects; and future plans for the display and preservation of the hoard. The project is led by Dr Sophia Adams and funded by The William and Edith Oldham Charitable Trust. Conservation work is being undertaken by Dana Goodburn Brown with support from Maidstone Museum.

Boughton Malherbe Conservation

Festive Countdown

December is here, let us bring you some cheer…

with a hoard related countdown to 25th December. Click on the link below to view a post each day about my latest project on the Boughton Malherbe Bronze Age hoard.

Whether you are counting down the days to Christmas or looking for a distraction during these dark winter days, this fact filled calendar will give you plenty to think about.

Calendar image: view south from Boughton Malherbe Village